The North America Region has 8 chapters across 2 different countries.

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Robogals is a global student-run/non-profit organization, dedicated to inspiring and educating young students, with a strong focus on young girls. Robogals North America has chapters at universities across Canada and the United States, which offer free interactive robotics and engineering workshops for students. In addition to teaching more than 55 000 girls worldwide, we give our university volunteers the opportunity to lead workshops and develop their professional skills. Your support is vital for the operation of Robogals, which in turn will help provide volunteers with the ability to continue to share their passion and knowledge with young students, promoting a globally diverse culture in STEM.

About Us

Robogals Chapters at universities across Canada and the United States offer free interactive robotics and engineering workshops to inspire, educate, and engage students in STEM. We are currently hoping to expand our organization and chapters across North America, specifically focusing on our continuous effort in empowering girls to pursue STEM in their post-secondary studies and future careers. The astounding gender imbalance in engineering and technology fields, and the broader problem of an engineer shortage in the United States economy are both profound issues that warrant urgent attention. President Obama said the U.S. must expand its engineering workforce to compete in the global market and stimulate jobs. We fully agree with this statement but are also motivated to eliminate the gender gap within the engineering field. ‘Engineering’ is rarely articulated for young students, especially young women. The word engineering alone is not part of mosts’ vocabulary, let alone considered as a career option. Part of the reason for this is that unlike many other areas of study such as maths, science or literature, engineers rarely become schoolteachers. It is therefore important for us as engineers to present ourselves to the students directly through outreach programs. Robogals targets girls in elementary and middle school with fun, educational robotics workshops that aim to introduce ‘engineering’ into the girls’ vocabulary, and show that it can be fun and exciting. By conducting these activities in a girls-only environment, the classroom dynamic is such that the girls are able to participate fully in the robot building and programming. By taking this systematic approach, we hope that in coming years we will begin to see more excitement for engineering and make a full impact on the community.

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We are always on the lookout for people with initiative, enthusiasm, and passion who are interested in taking their involvement to the next level. If this sounds like you, e-mail us to apply and join the NA team today!