Board of Directors

Ellen Connor

Chair of the Board

Janelle Dixon

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Parncutt


Lauren Hassall

Emma Love


Nathalie Moss

Katie Rizk

Madeleine McManus OAM

Paula Rujak

Swee Yue Tan

Advisor to the board

Marita Cheng


Specialty: Entrepreneurship
Why Robogals: Working with cool
people to make a difference.

Board committees

Finance & Governance

The Finance and Governance Committee oversees financial reports and audits, manages risk and compliance issues as well as the maintenance of policies to support Robogals. 
  • Ellen Connor (Chair)
  • Janelle Dixon
  • Mark Parncutt
  • Swee Yue Tan
  • Richard  Tan (Company Secretary)

People & Culture

The People and Cultures Committee assists the Board and Robogals by oversight and reviewing key human resource management, culture systems and practices for Robogals global.  
  • Katie Rizk (Chair)
  • Janelle Dixon
  • Alexandra Parkinson
  • Nathalie Moss
  • Sara Yamabe


The Education Committee is responsible for the guidance and support of the development of education aspects in the Robogals strategy. The committee provides advice on the quality of Robogals’ workshops and curriculum. 

  • Emma Love (Chair)
  • Janelle Dixon
  • Sam Cheah
  • Jade Moffat


The Partnerships Committee supports the development and delivery of Robogals’ partnership strategy in collaboration with our stakeholders. The committee further identifies and pursues opportunities for funding with Robogals.  
  • Madeleine McManus OAM (Chair)
  • Janelle Dixon
  • Dr Collette Burke
  • Dr Peter Rogers
  • Lauren Streifer