Board of Directors

Dayle Stevens

Chair of the Board

Specialty: Engineering Leadership
Why Robogals: I’m passionate about making a difference in gender equality in STEM & so is Robogals, a perfect match!

Morgan Marshall

Chief Executive Officer

Why Robogals: Everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their interest in STEM!

Mark Parncutt


Why Robogals: So girls can see
engineering as a potential career path,
and enjoy it as much as I do!

Fiona Borrelli

Specialty: Legal
Why Robogals: Because everyone should be equally empowered and STEM is the future.

Jamie Evans

Specialty: Academia
Why Robogals: Marita Cheng — what else do you need??

Lizzie Brown

Specialty: Not-for-profit Leadership
Why Robogals: Because we need women to help engineer a positive future.

Ash Peplow Ball

Specialty: Social Policy
Why Robogals: To encourage young girls to be involved in designing the future of our communities. 

Ellen Connor

Specialty: Finance
Why Robogals: To help girls see STEM  as a real career choice

Advisor to the board

Marita Cheng


Specialty: Entrepreneurship
Why Robogals: Working with cool
people to make a difference.

Board committees

Finance & Audit

  • Ellen Connor (Chair)
  • Dayle Stevens 

Governance & Risk

  • Fiona Borrelli (Chair)
  • Mark Parncutt
  • Ellen Connor

People & Culture

  • Dayle Stevens (Chair)
  • Lauren Sayer
  • Madeleine McManus
  • Melissa Donald 
  • Leisa Rennie


  • Mark Parncutt (Chair)
  • Ash Peplow Ball 
  • Lizzie Brown
  • Jamie Evans
  • Lauren Sayer
  • Madeleine McManus