The Robogals Alumni Mentoring Program

By Imogen Feder Our Alumni Mentoring program was launched virtually on the 8th of October, bringing together past and present Robogals volunteers from Australia, Belgium, the Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand and the US.   The aim of the program is to match Robogals’ alumni with current volunteers, to help build their networks, provide support and share […]

Amina Berrada

#PeopleOfRobogals: Amina Berrada

By Imogen Feder For our latest People of Robogals blog, we had the pleasure of talking to engineer Amina to discuss her decision to move overseas to study, her passion for mentoring female science students and her fascination with studying light – and electric fish.  Amina Berrada You can tell Amina is passionate about electric […]


Robogals takes off in Nairobi

Robogals University of Nairobi President Catherine Akinyi Odera Catherine Akinyi Odera is the inaugural President of the newly established University of Nairobi Robogals chapter in Kenya. She is currently awaiting graduation from her course of Geospatial Engineering.   What inspired you to start the University of Nairobi Chapter of Robogals? We found out there were […]


“Children from a young age should be exposed to engineering in a fun and creative manner”: Emma Fox on challenging stereotypes and bridging the gender gap in STEM.

This blog is part of our #PeopleOfRobogals series. This series highlights our volunteers from across the organisation, from our chapters to our leadership team and board members. Robogals is made possible by our amazing volunteers from across the globe, ranging from students to professionals of all genders, ages and backgrounds. We come from a wide […]

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‘It becomes an asset’: Brooke Smith on being one of the few Female CEOs in the Virtual Reality world

Champagne Soda is a Melbourne-based tech company using virtual reality to drive immersive experiences specialising in the real estate industry. We sat down with their CEO, Brooke Smith, to hear about her experiences as a female driving digital innovation. What is it like being a female CEO? In the VR world, there aren’t many female […]